The Greatest Workers in the Universe - Stars are Factories

A little snippet of our hoop dance that represents the nuclear fusion factory happening inside stars. The whole reason that we EXIST at all!! Check out the video below and read a section from the EXIST script about the process of churning hydrogen into helium in the core of stars, even stars like our Sun.


In all this burning and fusing and energy and power

Stars are great creators

The hardest workers in the universe

Stars are factories.

The “burning” in a star is actually the process of nuclear fusion.   In the special conditions in the cores of stars, the temperatures are so high, and the pressures so great, that 2 hydrogen atoms smash together to become helium, with energies that overcome the incredibly strong repulsive force of two protons.  

This factory never stops.

Working. Fusing. Smashing.   

The building block of all matter, all life, all differentiation in the universe.  

All life, even the life of a star has its limits.   

While they live, nuclear fusion provides an outward pressure

that supports the star under its own weight

Keeping the star in hydrostatic equilibrium.




This long period of stasis gives planets

and potentially life the time to form and evolve.