Upcoming Workshops • 4.20.19 Glendale, AZ


Cirque Roots collaborates with professional astronomers and artists to offer and coordinate workshops that enhance the experience of EXIST for participants of all ages. By expanding the performance into a learning atmosphere, it allows participants to better connect to the information presented to them in EXIST.  Our mission is to use art as a vehicle to learn about scientific concepts that matter, and our goal is to spread the knowledge of our place in the universe using creative workshops and hands-on scientific demonstrations to accompany the performance.

Workshops can vary from astronomy lectures, creative writing workshops, STEAM workshops (or art-science blended workshops), circus skill workshops, performance art workshop (or creative process).  

Examples include

  • An overview of stars, galaxies, and the universe

  • Introduction to our solar system

  • Lecture about life on Earth

  • Circus skills jam (juggling, hoop, acrobatics)

  • Creative writing & poetry

  • Creative process & act development

  • Science demonstrations